Monday, September 10, 2012


Jamani huyu mama anaimba vizuri sijapa sikia sauti nzuri kama hii.. iko so so real.. i was moved mpk baaasi.. huenda wengi wakawa hawamjui kama mimi nilivyokuwa simjui...
she inspired me so much with her singing and the theme of the song@ serena. you may listen her here

Carola is a Tanzanian and Maasai by tribe, Carola Kinasha was born in Longido, a remote village near the Kenyan border, as one of 8 children. Carola's father played accordion, her brothers played piano, organ and guitar, and her mother still sings in the village choir. However village life didn't mean isolation from outside musical influences. While away at school or travelling, Carola's older siblings would bring home music from other worlds. Her late brother Esto brought home country music, gospel and calypso; Abedi soul and classical, Oculi Tanzanian and Congolese music while her sister Juddy brought home South African music. At the same time Carola would attend every traditional ceremony within walking distance of her home, where she could hear Maasai warriors and girls singing and dancing. It is little wonder that Carola is now recognised as one of the pioneers of traditional fusion in Tanzania. An accomplished performer in her own right, Carola is also an activist fighting for the basic rights of musicians in her country. She has worked extensively on campaigns to bring music education back into the schools of Tanzania. In 2002 Carola was recognised by the MA Africa Awards in South Africa. Carola's band 'Shada' began in the late 80's with the aim of creating an authentic Tanzanian sound. Maono, meaning vision in Kiswahili, is Carola's second album. The music crosses cultural boundaries, from Tanzania to the Congo, a unique blend of the traditional with the present, proudly Tanzanian and forever Massai. See Carola and Shada live at Sweet Easy, Oyster Bay Dar es Salaam every Saturday 8.30pm til midnight and Sundays at the Kilimanjaro


  1. Yah sure she is very real Linda na I have seen her in several occasions... True African icon...

  2. kweli we mtamu, umechimba haya yote.. Nakukubali sanaaaaaaaaaaa